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Abyanga helps to relieve body pain and fatigue. It also improves tissue strength and blood circulation, rejuvenates body, removes cellulite beautifiles skin, includes sound sleep and promotes vitality. It also reduces stress and removes toxins. Key conditions the therapy address: General tiredness body ache, stress, insomnia, lack of exercise, Contra-indications, if any: Fever, pregnancy, cold, indigestion. Key anatomical parts worked on: The entire body. Description of materials used in therapy: herbal medicated oil.


A generous amount of medicated oil is applied to the whole body and then the body is massaged with small cotton cloth boluses filled with cooked Njavara rice. The boluses are dipped in this regenerating mixture of cow's milk and a brewed herbal decoction, and then applied all over the body to induce sudation (sweat). This procedure is highly rejuvenating, nourishing and prepares the individual to bear the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle. It enhances physical consistency, strengthens the nervous system and improves the overall appearance of the skin.

Ela kizhi

Ela Kizhi is a process of massaging the body with a heated cloth bag filled with fried or cooked medicinal leaves like ricinus, calatropis, tarmarind etc.


Shirodhara, a form of treatment, is a word which comprises of two terms ‘shiro’ meaning head and ‘dhara’ meaning pouring in stream or sprinkling. It is an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice which has been performed in India for about the last 5000 years. This treatment has immense impact on the nervous system. It immediately acts to calm and relax your mind and has a cleansing effect on the nerves..

Sarvanga Dhara

This is a treatment process in which herbal oil, medicated milk, butter milk etc. are poured in a continuous stream all over the body. This helps to sooth the frayed nerve ends, promotes circulation, relieves stress and strain, relaxes muscles and induces sleep. The treatment is intended to alleviate memory loss, lack of vitality, migraine, ENT disorders, neurological cases, spondylosis and paraplegia. The treatment is continued for seven to twenty one days.

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